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Famous vegans, vegetarians and organic eaters

Becoming vegetarian, vegan or deciding to eat organic is a lifestyle choice that has lasting benefits. Here at Mama Gaia, we give our customers the chance to take that lifestyle for a spin by providing crazy good organic vegetarian dishes like quinoa bowls, pitas and mouth-watering veggie burgers. 

If you’re thinking about making the transition to vegetarian, vegan or eating organically, you’re not alone! Take a look below. You may recognize some of these celebrities who have made the switch. Whether it be for health or moral reasons, more people are choosing the natural way of life every day. 

Paul McCartney

The Beatles - ever heard of them? Of course you have! Sir Paul McCartney, a member of the legendary English rock band, has been a vegetarian since 1975. What a trendsetter! In 2009, his passion allowed he and his daughters Stella and Mary to create Meat Free Monday, a not-for-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of eating meat and encourages people to have at least one meat-free day per week.

Joaquin Phoenix

Actor, producer and activist Joaquin Phoenix has lived a vegan lifestyle since he was a child. He has since worked with numerous animal rights organizations like Mercy for Animals and PETA and recently co-produced the popular Netflix documentary, What the Health. 

Jessica Alba

The actress turned entrepreneur is well-known for her organic diet and lifestyle. As a child, Alba struggled with allergies and asthma. When she had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent she was using to clean baby clothes during her pregnancy, she worried her child may have the same experience. This inspired Jessica to found the Honest Company, a wellness brand that is dedicated to providing safe and effective products for cleaning, baby, personal care, vitamins and more.

Travis Barker

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker turned to veganism after a health scare when a doctor discovered eight ulcers in his stomach and pre-cancerous cells in his throat. Barker decided to make the switch and has felt “100 percent” better ever since. 

Tom Brady

As the oldest player in the NFL who is not a kicker, Tom Brady has to stay a step ahead of the game. He has continued to thrive in the league, boasting four Super Bowl MVP awards, three league MVP awards and has led his team to 15 titles - more than any other quarterback in NFL history. What’s his secret? Tom sticks to an 80 percent plant-based diet for the majority of the year, only adding in lean meats like chicken during the winter months. 

Curious about the lifestyles these famous folks have chosen? Visit one of Mama Gaia’s two Memphis locations to try it out.. You (and the planet!) will be glad you did. See you soon!